I usually do my eyebrows myself but no longer have the patience to and I am SUPER picky about my eyebrows. They are my babies haha. I came here to get them threaded since it is about a 5 min drive from work. They did an AMAZING job I am very happy with the results. I didn’t get the ladies name but she was super sweet. I came to this location because I literally used yelp reviews for everything and everything was positive feedback so I wanted to give it a try.  Services was great I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (:UsefulFunnyCool

I’ve been going here for years to get my eyebrows threaded. Great service and all the ladies are super friendly you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend.

I was a little skeptical of this place at first but I decided to try it anyway based on all of the positive reviews. I got  my eyebrows done here and they did an absolutely amazing job! I definitely recommend going here for an eyebrow threading. The place is clean and pretty modern. They did my eyebrows very quickly and they look so much better now! Definitely going back there again!

I really liked this salon, they did a great job on my threading my eyebrows and the price was great. I am going back for sure. The salon is clean and everyone is really nice.UsefulFunnyCool 1

I’ve been going here for years because they are a reliable salon and the services are cheap. At other eyebrow places, they charge $12 for eyebrows alone and they don’t even tweeze the little hairs or trim your eyebrows. Here, they take their time and make sure the eyebrows are symmetrical and even on both sides. Unlike other salons, they actually trim your eyebrows and pluck the little extra hairs that weren’t pulled by the thread. The place was recently remodeled and it is clean. The staff is friendly and nice and they remember you if you’re a regular customer. Go to this place if you want to get your eyebrows threaded for cheap!

So my normal go to threading place closed before I got out of work (cheers to 10 hour shifts) so I had to find another one immediately since I was going on vacation on the next day and luckily Delicacy was open until 7:30pm that night, sweet! It was my first time there so I did miss it on my first drive, however, upon parking I noticed it was well lit compared to the dim surroundings.

There was no wait when I got there around 6:45pm and the lady that did my eyebrows took her time and worked on areas my go-to place normally missed, so I knew I would be please. After working on my eyes and lips and allowing me to take a look in the mirror I was happy with the outcome, possibly even more so than at my go-to so I’ll definitely be back to give Delicacy another try and it just might be my new fave.